How It's Made

Unique Jewellery. Exclusively you!

Diamond Studio follows a style that blends all the characteristics of luxury, glamour and style into an unforgettable experience.

Diamond Studio welcomes you to indulge in an exclusive atmosphere of unique custom made designs.

Each piece is created to provide the message that exclusive and timeless jewellery is an expression of beauty and passion.

Our fine cut diamonds are all certified with GIA & EGL International laboratories and we are proud members of the Jewellery Council of South Africa.

Our unique jewellery is 100% (South African) home grown, a concept that we strongly support.

Below is a step by step guide on how your unique engagement ring will be manufactured!

  1. Using specialised CAD software we will help you create and design your ring
  2. You have the opportunity of viewing your design prior to printing!
  3. Your design will be sent to a wax printer which produces a wax model of your ring.
  4. Your wax model will now be cast in the metal of your choice (Gold or Platinum)
  5. Your ring will now be finished off by our experienced staff. Your ring will now be ready for the setting process.
  6. The Diamond/s will be set in the ring.
  7. And lastly the final touches are added in the polishing process which brings the metal to shinny life!

A Tour of the Factory