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The "four Cs" influence the value of a polished diamond: Cut, Clarity, Colour and Carat weight.

Of the four Cs, Cut is the most important. The brilliance of a polished diamond depends largely on its cut.

Most polished diamonds contain some natural flaws. The visibility, number and size of these flaws determine the Clarity of the polished diamond. Polished diamonds that have more clarity, shine more brilliantly.

Colour. Polished diamonds which are colourless are the most sought-after. Such polished diamonds allow the greatest refraction of light, so they sparkle more. Polished diamonds that have a slight white colour absorb light, and this reduces their brilliance.

A Carat is the unit for measuring the weight of a polished diamond. Because fewer large polished diamonds are found, the price of a polished diamond rises exponentially with its size.

In diamond terms we always refer to the 4 Cs. Recently a 5th C has been added...

Conflict Diamonds

Refers to the Kimberly Process regarding diamonds that are involved in funding conflict/or have been traded in violation of United Nations Resolutions.

We supply diamonds, are bound by the Kimberly Process and deal only with companies that comply. Therefore no 'Conflict Diamonds' are sold or set by us. All our Diamonds are certified

We supply only EGL and GIA certified Diamonds

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